Trading Commission

Jump Points are tricky, and Cargo is valuable.
This department ensures the flow of trade goods and private transports.
“For the Helmsman is recognized in the tempest; in the warfare the soldier is proved.”

Established in 2939 shortly after the formation of Wolves Den. Built originally to service the war machine behind Wolves Den and keep their pilots and troops stocked with necessities to keep them in the fight. However as Wolves Den evolved so too did its industry, and as Wolves Den sought new expansions to its organization to encompass its ever growing need. Soon after its founding it was decided to separate the trading commission from its shackles under military leadership and found it as a fundamental part of Wolves Den. Now the Trading Commission seeks out profits in all secs of commerce, and with the ever expanding goals Wolves Den has to offer the Trading commission so to expands to seek out new and untapped sources for profit. Current day Trading commission fuels all secs of Wolves Den operations from both military and civilian zones to exploration and manufacturing. As a result since the founding of the Trading Commission Wolves Den has never been larger, more profitable, or more powerful.