We have one simple mission: collect all the Data we possibly can in the Verse. If you have ever had the desire to look at the darkness, the unknown, and abnormal, then this is the department for you.


  • Exploration for Military, Mining, Personal travel, Shipping routes, etc.

  • Beacon Placement & Data Gathering/Running


I don’t ask much of my crew.  You have to give to get.  I’m not here to shine your shoes or clean up after you; no one is.  I expect a clean mouth and a clean cabin…if you have your own ship you can keep it however you like.  We believe in:


If you match with 8/12 or higher, consider applying for a job today!

CHALLENGE YOURSELF: Can you decode the following DATA or explain the procedure?  Candidates who can will be brought in at Level 2, instead of the standard Level 1.




Ranks Available

[lvl 4] ||Ship Captain||

[lvl 3] ||Crew Chief ||

[lvl 2] ||Informations Officer||

[lvl1] ||Data Scrubber||


Department Head: Captain RangerScout

        Since RSI first released the Zeus in 2140, the demand for a centralized bank of data accessible to the public has been in increasing demand. Opening up the stars to anyone who can get their hands on a ship and their feet off the ground meant that data was now for everyone, not just the government. The flight of the Artemis in 2232 would not have been possible without my ancestor, Dr. Arthur Mathieu Strong manning the collection team that gathered the data for the Interstellar slow-burn voyage. When the first Jump Point was discovered in 2271, the need for a data company with expedition teams became vital to the survival of Humankind.

        In the mid 25th Century, with Humans leaving Earth in masses, my ancestor Elaine Diane McCombs used the money from her late husband’s estate to found McCombs Data Maps Inc. The company offered a confusing 3D web-like map of known data around the verse. The interface was confusing and hard to navigate, not to mention the fact that it did not ‘live update’ and users had to bring in their device for manual updates. Due to this poor business model, McCombs Data Maps only lasted from 2471-2506 and had a minimal impact. Even though the business closed, my family never stopped collecting data, nor did we ever throw data out. At the dawn of the 29th Century, my ancestor Meritt “Chibs” Stewart was apart of the team that curated the information added to The Ark in 2800; all in preparation for the creation of The Neutral Zone.

        In 2898 my grandfather, Bruce Mylo Stewart, started the Fox Data Collection Agency. Starting off as a small ground of explorers, my grandfather was able to build a reputation off all of the data my family had been collecting for centuries. Years of confirmed data points, ore deposits, and non-Human activity information, lead to more and more scouts wanting to join our crew and expand the knowledge of Humankind. In 2937, while on the occasional cargo run, my grandfather, father, myself and crew found ourselves outnumbered by a pirate syndicate. All were lost in the battle, excluding myself and my Informations Officer at the time. We were both captured and held hostage and so ended Fox Data and all the centuries my family had held onto the Data, or so I thought. After close to a year in captivity, Wolves Den intercepted the ship I was being held on. Through tactful precision, the elite militia of men tore through the ship and to my cell in a matter of minutes. Wolves Den wasn’t going after a random pirate ship, little did I know, my Grandfather was a client of Wolves Den and had been for years. They were protecting an asset. Data is in my blood, it is my life, I could not leave without it. Wolves Den waited with me until the data was retrieved.

       From that moment on, a packed was made between both Firms. I devoted myself to running the Exploration Department within Wolves Den, and I expect the same passion out of those who wish to burden their shoulders with this task as well. TrailBlazers uses the highest encryption standards to secure your Data in our patented Data Cores as well as the highest recruiting standard in the Verse. If you love the majesty of space, your home is here.

“With our Data Cores, The Verse is Yours…” – Captain RangerScout

One quiet day in space, my grandfather told me and my father; “None of this is ours; all of this is everyone’s.”   To this day, I live by that philosophy.