Formed in 2938, Wolves Den is comprised mostly of ex-UEE Marines and other various para-military companies. Led by a few Veterans of the Battle of Crion, they are surprisingly self sufficient. Not only do they have decent numbers and a few fighter squadrons, they have their own shipping crews, exploration divisions, and ground forces. A soldier-led company with years worth of combat experience. These men and women know what to do in any given situation in space or on the ground. With that kind of dedication and determination, failure is never an option.

For a while now, workflow has been steadily increasing for the Wolves Den. During this time, an opportunity arose. Wolves Den had bought out and merged assets with Enote, a trading company, with hopes Enote could expand on Wolves Den’s trading operations and furthering Wolves Den’s contracts and income.

During the merger a major conflict of value and morals was brought to the attention of the Wolves Den by its close allies. During this time the council started an investigation. Towards the end of the investigation Wolves Den’s main alliance had also come forward with numerous evidence. The Wolves Den leadership dissolved the merger and took the loss of a profitable merger. A seed was laid though after the dissolve of the merger.

Wolves Den was recognized for its integrity, respect for others, and diplomacy. Wolves Den continued on its path securing work contracts and tightening our ties with our allies, which caught the eyes of some ghost organizations. Wolves Den was put to an even stronger test to earn their respect. Due to delays in production of resupply, Wolves Den pulled all of its forces home for some overdue R&R. During this time of relaxation, an unforeseen change was coming that our council was unable to foresee. With supply production almost back up to original standards the Round Table made plans to reconvene with a major overhaul of changes before heading back to battle lines. On the day of the meeting, the seed that had been growing finally bloomed and forever changed the Wolves Den. A major member was lost who was highly respected and considered a brother to all Round Table members. Actions taken by this individual almost destroyed Wolves Den. Thankfully, the integrity and heart of Wolves Den was not lost. The remaining council members rallied together and persevered.

There was a new unforeseen delay in ship repair and design, and an extension of Wolves Den R&D was implemented.